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Monday, February 6, 2012

Gimme me more ! I want more

Zillion Dollars,
Ludicrous Job,
World tour with my Love,
Freaky evenings with friends every single day,
No Obesity,
Overindulged Taquilla shots every Friday,
Long Drives on weekends,
Music to xplod my ears,
Impressive SLR ,
Degree to flaunt,
Mesmerizing Salsa,
Come out in rain and dance till I get wetter and wetter,

Beta Shaaadi kab :x

Are You aged between 24-29 (inclusive), M /F, Single (aka Unmarried ?). The censored word has been changed from F to S/M (Shaadi/Marriage)! BEWARE ! There are people out there trying to bind you in an indispensable knot which might port you to whole new world of responsibilities and liabilities.

So this is how its starts!

Cousin’s Wedding Reception:

Eligible M/F -26, standing amid thousands of uncle jee and aunty jees , unaware that how ,some among the crowd are envisaging him/her as prospective family member. And suddenly there is a pat from back..

Ohh its Jhaansi waale foofa jee with his old friend .

Foofajee: Meet my son ! He is XOXO working in MNC , earning **** and living in ***.
Microscopic eyes scrutinize son from top to bottom followed by bombarding of questions and BINGO . Instantaneous judgments are out (obv restricted to mind )! (patla hai… chashma lagata hai .. black lips .. he might be smoking.. uhmmm ) making M/F-26 feel like a complete idiot :x

And the same perilous trapping continues to doom you from all possible all directions --> Weddings to Morning yoga…. kitty parties to Office get together—and now not even the BHAJI markets are spared !! (Kahi toh bhaksh do :x)

Anyways! Nt intimidating on the cause – effects of the same .
Marriage has its own bliss (M unaware of the showered blessings but that’s what some of my married friends opined and shared with me :P )

But let’s cherish what happiness and Aazadi singlehood brings! Be as late as you can, , sleep and eat like a pig , lie lazily staring at the wall for hours and hours for no reason , as drunk you can be , Biwi ki Dilli waale Chachi ki beti ki sagaai mai gift kya dena hai ?? Who cares :D .. weekend visit to Departmental store to maintain Stock of groceries.. ?? NOOO its better to be in a PUB/BAR/Restaurant and hangout with friends .. !!

Fast Driving…. Slow eating.. No Shower :D ! Yayy ! Singlehood is a bliss ..

Considering the stereotypical Indian society and emotive parents and extra emotive grandparents, all of us will ultimately fell into the trap and succumb to the cruel bliss of Marriage ! Very. Cruel !!

So why not cherish every single day and live life to the SINGLEST :)

Unconditional LOVE ! No terms .. No Agreements

I am not choosy but yes when it comes to movies rarely do I take chances. Unluckily for me problems get compounded when the movies loved by most of the junta doesn’t even bag a cursory look .Total Ignore types for me at least! Every weekend I start with few movies just to end up in closing the same after few minutes :x
Well this Saturday I was lucky :)

A wall post on my FB notified someone watching movie “Hachiko” and the next moment I found myself browsing and streaming the same. A tale based on Hachiko(a Japanese canine), his loyalty and love for his master. It kicks off with their first encounter (Most beautiful scene of the movie) and continues to display the growing affection b/w the two,bounding one to fall in for the dog .He waits for his deceased master for almost 10 years outside the station, a never ending wait rather I shud say.

Sudden demise of his master in the movie might make u sad but what really hurts is Hachi’s WAIT ! People who have never been in a company of pet might consider it JUST ANOTHER MOVIE but for the ones who have been in love… you know what I mean ..

“Dog is man’s Best Friend”

Well there goes the famous adage but it’s true! Sit, Play, talk, Eat ,fight... but their love never ceases. Doesn’t matter how badly your report card is inked in RED, there is still someone at home to welcome or rather celebrate your failure. Unconditionally you are loved and accepted. You have someone to talk to even during the ungodly hours when your so called “Gf/Bf” isn’t available. Be as gibberish as u can be with your thoughts and ideas, you still have patient listener with quizzical expressions letting you go to bed lighthearted. No matter how bad your day was at office, a wagging and playful pet @home just replenishes the good feeling within . U might scold them for some reasons but still be lucky to earn some licks before end of day.
Unmatched loyalty and love is what makes them so special .Well I was lucky to have one in my life and hope to have lot more in coming years!

And yes for movie HACHIKO, one more interesting fact, it’s based on a true story

I think I have jolted down enough reasons to watch it? Enjoy :)

Say Cheese :O ???

Photophobics no longer exist in our generation .People dont shy away from the camera these days but on the contrary give their best shot to make it the most coveted pic on social networking sites . Thanks to FB and twitter :P
Pictures oozing attitude and confidence!! Eaaaahhh

But how what about iota of Photo phobic still in existence? Remember Matthew Parry who just couldn’t keep straight face for photo shoots with Courtney Cox in FRIENDS and we laughed our lungs out on weirdest expressions he gave!
The same happened to me when one of organizations partner was up for the meeting few days back. Under the formalities entailed before client meet, partner is supposed to get a temporary ID card along with webcam generated pic embossed on the same. But alas, the poor partner, might be a photophobic, gave the most weird pose ever and the pic turned out to be a disaster and a great entertaining pic for me :P

But that just might be accidental case also. No issues

Few years back on Diwali I tried to experiment with our new camera and targeted my grandparents urging to give me one perfect couple pic. But I never knew it would be such an arduous task! Dada-jee was all good before the click but just at the time of flash, he went in attentive focusing mode giving the sincerest expressions ever prompting me to take 11 takes ! All my cousins tried their best to make him give a casual smile but to no avail!

At last the whole children clan gave up and we started off with puja celebrations. Somehow in between I noticed dadajee telling something very casually to dadee -jee while she gave a sweet smile. I ust loved that moment and immediately rushed to capture it.

Believe me or not , it turned out to be the best pic of that Diwaali !

I think there is a great photo in everyone .it’s just that it needs to be captured at the right moment :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


"Smile ...say cheeze.. dere we go.." n captured..nw i love dis .. b it whacky digicams or obsolete odd cameras.Technology blessed us wid d most essential n beautiful thing. ppl often adress me as nutsy,short term memory loss.. obv for carrying camera everywhere just lyk aamir flaunted wid in GHAJINI .bt i gt reasons n just one motto . whnevr alone , feeling lonely in a crowd of 100 or far away frm hme .. dese pics let me live those moments which alas cud nvr cme back.. bt ya for sure .. cud b relived.. those birthday celebrations , excursions during school ,mastikhori ,bhokaali,fights n evry damn stupid thing ....all harking u back to the good old days .hey did u just felt nostalgic ???? Ummm i guess u did ?? right ?? no worries.. there u go .. SMILE .. click.. n nw u too r a part of my memory :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Looking for one ..

In this walk of lyf u meet

“Sme” who claim to b ur closest , bt unfortunately r d farthest….

“Sme” who say dey care for u ,bt eventually pray for d worst

“Sme” for whom u fall at d first sight,ur heart yearns bt ultimately u lose intrest

“Sme” who do care for u ,bt by d time u realize it ,dey r gone ….

“Sme” who shall acquire a secret place in ur heart n thn walk away jst lyk tht…..

“Sme” whom ur heart n mind nvr allows to forget…

“Sme” who love u n care for u always no matter u reciprocate d same or nt…

Yes I hav met “Sme” bt nw look for

“One” ho shall love n care for me all unconditionally… Truly.. Madly .. Depply ….